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Virtual Tanpura

The Tanpura is a journey into the heart of Indian classical music, embodying its rich, spiritual essence. Crafted traditionally from a single piece of wood and strung with four to six strings, it produces a harmonious resonance that's both grounding and elevating. Its ability to blend into the musical tapestry without overpowering makes it indispensable for an immersive experience. Its sound, believed to align with the body's natural frequency, enhances focus and meditation.

The Tanpura is an integral part of the Indian classical music practitioner, both Carnatic and Hindustani. Vocal practice or “Riyaz” as it is called in Hindustani classical music is done with the Tanpura providing the sonic background set to the chosen scale. The digital era has made this timeless sound accessible worldwide, allowing for a blend of tradition and modernity in practice and performance, fostering a connection that transcends geographical boundaries.

Sur peti

The Sur Peti, also known as the Shruti Box, is a cornerstone of Indian classical music, serving as a reliable source for the harmonious drone that supports both vocal and instrumental pieces. Traditionally, this hand-operated instrument's reeds produce a rich sound that is integral to maintaining the correct pitch during practice sessions, especially for scales and ragas. In the modern era, the Sur Peti has embraced technology, transforming into digital versions that replicate the authentic sounds for contemporary musicians and learners.

Today, the accessibility of the Sur Peti has significantly improved with digital platforms, making it a convenient tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike, irrespective of their geographical location. Users can choose the pitch and volume, ensuring that the digital Sur Peti meets varied needs. It stands as a bridge between the rich traditions of Indian music and the convenience of modern technology, continuing to be an indispensable companion in the journey of music practice and performance.